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Workshops and Coaching

I teach a variety of workshops in clowning and am also available for one-on-one coaching for a particular act or show. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

"I had Ambrose come teach a workshop to an ensemble of dancers and acrobats who had to perform a non-verbal show where clowning would be the only means of storytelling. The cast was captivated by him from the first moment and for the entire day, they all dove into the funny business with full trust and wild abandon. The end of the day had each of the performers wanting more. In the end, they left with skills that informed the work beautifully. The comedic brilliance I knew of Ambrose on stage, was matched by his leading of the workshop in the room. Highly recommend. “

— Damien Gray | Director of Immersive Creative Content | RWS Entertainment Group

"A truly funny and clever human. Ambrose is excellent at building funnier, stronger and more relatable characters. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, he offers insightful, honest help."

— Ellie Steingraeber, aerialist and contortionist

"Ambrose broke my brain! In a reasonably short amount of time he found a way to draw out my potential while discarding the comfortable fallbacks and clichés that were holding me back."  

— Michael Ricca, animator

"The workshop was challenging, but at the same time made easy by the extremely on-point directions given by Ambrose."

—Urður Ýrr, aerialist

"I take a lot of workshops and was worried that three hours would be too long, but you could have kept going for more! You gave good directions and got people out of their comfort zones."

— Daniel Birgir Hauksson, clown

"Ambrose has a very good eye for what is holding you back, and made suggestions that really pushed me out of my comfort zone and into something new."

—Thomas Burke, acrobat and aerialist

"Ambrose has a keen sense of the comic moment and of the clown. He is generous and patient in class, and possesses the wonderful ability to offer incisive guidance to each of his students, while always honoring where they are and challenging them to go a step further. He helped me to more clearly hear laughter as a performer and follow it down its rabbit-hole. He is a sensitive observer, which I find to be one of the simplest and best recipes for great teaching. I would highly recommend taking class with Ambrose to anyone interested in expanding their capacity for play."

— Hannah Mitchell, actress

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