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Can he keep it up?

Photo by Mark Shelby Perry

A mixture of sweetheart and surprise, sexiness and sleaziness, when Ambrose hosts the show you never know what is going to happen next, but you do know it will be funny.

"If you ever need  someone to keep the audenice enthralled and entertained the whole night through, Ambrose is your man."


- Kris Anton, producer, Burlesque Below the Bridges, NYC

"Ambrose is one of a kind MC and performer, with an incredible talent. He possesses an impressive range and an uncanny ability to read the room and delight audiences of any size, background, and age range. I’ve enjoyed working with him at various shows and events, both at House of Yes and at other producer’s events, and have witnessed his evolution towards mastery of his craft over the past decade. If you’re looking for a true artist and professional with a brilliant mind and a heart of gold you will not be disappointed!"

- Kae Burke, co-founder, House of Yes, NYC

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