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Who is he?

Ambrose Martos is a performer based in New York City. As an actor, he can be seen in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon), The Good Cop (Netflix) and Gotham (Fox). He has worked as a physical comedian with Cirque du Soleil’s Joya and Quidam, in the award-winning Off-Broadway hit Slava's Snowshow, and with Australian comedy legends, the Umbilical Brothers in Speedmouse. His alter-ego, Manchego, a regular host on the burlesque circuit, starred in the 9-week sold out Florida tour of Mr. Swindle's Traveling Peculiarium and the award-winning NYC production of the sexy circus cabaret La Soirée. He is also a member of the medical clowning company, Healthy Humor, and works at hospitals as Dr. Phil E. Buster.


"Ambrose is one of a kind performer, with an impressive range and an uncanny ability to read the room and delight audiences of any size, background, and age range."

      — Kae Burke, co-founder, House of Yes

 "Damn fine clown"  

                 — Bill Irwin, Fool Moon, Old Hats

"With a quick wit, expressive physicality and a unique imagination, Ambrose's performances never fail to entertain folks of all stripes. There's something for everyone and all ages in his light heart and goofy, honest characterizations."

              — AmyG, La Soirée, Palazzo

"Ambrose is a quirky and extremely likeable performer that once he is on the stage the audience loves him and his fun imagination."

             — Aitor Basauri, SpyMonkey

"Ambrose has the rare ability to combine irreverent comedy with a great sense of timing, the lightness of provocation and can entertain by having fun."

           — David Larible, Ringling Bros.


"What a glorious awkward and funny brilliant energy!"

             — Michelle Matlock, Ovo, Cirque du Soleil


"What I love about Ambrose is, well, simply put, EVERYTHING. He is funny, smart, quite clever, and most of all, courageous in front of the audience. Ambrose makes me laugh, and as a clown for the past 4 decades, that ain't easy."

           —Barry Lubin, Big Apple Circus

"Deep kindness peeking out from underneath heaping layers of wit and joyfully naughty irreverence."  

          — Andy Sapora, Flying Karamazov Brothers


"Ambrose is hair, face, eyes, heart, tall, wonder, discovery."

         — Matt Morgan, Absinthe, SpiegelWorld




Photo by Florence Montmare

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