Who is he?

Ambrose Martos is an actor, clown, and host based in New York City. On TV, he can be seen in "The Marvelous Mrs Maisel" (Amazon), "The Good Cop" (Netflix) and "Gotham" (Fox). He has performed with Cirque du Soleil’s Joya and Quidam, in the award-winning Off-Broadway hit Slava's Snowshow, and with Australian comedy legends, the Umbilical Brothers in Speedmouse. His alter-ego, Manchego, a fixture on the burlesque circuit, starred in the NYC run of the sexy circus cabaret La Soirée


 "Damn fine clown"  

                 — Bill Irwin, Fool Moon, Old Hats

"With a quick wit, expressive physicality and a unique imagination, Ambrose's performances never fail to entertain folks of all stripes. There's something for everyone and all ages in his light heart and goofy, honest characterizations."

                  — AmyG, La Soirée, Palazzo

"Ambrose is a quirky and extremely likeble performer that once he is on the stage the audience loves him and his fun imagination."

                   — Aitor Basauri, SpyMonkey

"Ambrose has the rare ability to combine irreverent comedy with a great sense of timing, the lightness of the provocation and the willing to entertain by having fun."

                — David Larible, Ringling Bros.


"What a glorious awkward and funny brilliant energy!"

                    — Michelle Matlock, Ovo, Cirque du Soleil


"What I love about Ambrose is, well, simply put, EVERYTHING. He is funny, smart, quite clever, and most of all, courageuous in front of the audience. Ambrose makes me laugh, and as a clown for the past 4 decades, that ain't easy."

               —Barry Lubin, Big Apple Circus

"Deep kindness peeking out from underneath heaping layers of wit and joyfully naughty irreverence."  

                    — Andy Sapora, Flying Karamazov Brothers


"Ambrose the clown. Hair, face, eyes, heart, tall, wonder, discovery."

                    — Matt Morgan, Absinthe, SpiegelWorld




Photo by Florence Montmare