"The Last Cyclist"

Director: Edward Einhorn

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"Across the Universe" 

Director: Julie Taymor

"Lutkoski Fishsticks"

Director: Matt Lambert


"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" Amazon

"Gotham"  FOX

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"Roomies" (SNY)

"Silent but Deadly Orchestra" (Nick Jr.)

"He Ain't Lyin'!" (Little Ceasar's)

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"Testing" (20Q)

'Disgruntled Clowns" (Discovery)

"Rock of Love 2" (VH1)

"Little Bit of Luck" (NY Lottery)

"Lightbulb" (Alchemy Vodka)

"Commies" (Comedy Central)

"New Magic" (Macy's)

"Innovations" (Alchemy Vodka)

Voice Over

Commercial Reel

Goat & Aaron

Empires & Puzzles 1

Empires & Puzzles 2

Empires & Puzzles 3